by Rebecca Jasso

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This is a group of demos that I will keep adding to as I record them. Hope you like them!


released January 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Rebecca Jasso Chicago, Illinois

Rebecca started playing guitar at the age of 10. Since then, her aim has been to write the best songs she can. She studied classical guitar throughout high school, until she quit formal lessons and began to focus on her original tunes. A visual artist, Rebecca paints pictures with words and plays rhythmic, colorful progressions. ... more


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Track Name: Winter Comes
Oh I can see with the eyes of a newborn baby
Like a world that is bright and new and everything good
But then my feet tread upon the dead leaves on the ground
And my memory of spring decays like a sound

Lost in the back of my mind is the thought of the morning
With a chance to begin again and make new what is old
But my soul remains ensnarled in the stillness of the night
Till the setting sun wipes out everything in site

What is a life but a leaf on a tree in the autumn
With the memory of its bud still on its mind
Clutching onto life until time pulls it down
And turning into ash on the ground

Now all the dew's turned to snow and sits on the treetops
As I journey my breath becomes ice and shatters on the walk
Where once my path was green it is stripped of its hue
And the chill of winter's made my fingers blue
Track Name: Sweet Memory
Holding onto sweet memory
But he always makes a fool of me
Trying to rationalize
The lies of a dishonest guys
Sweet are the kisses from his lips
Loving how he holds to my hips
Oh how I can't understand
The crazy release of his hand

Oh I'll be moving on when I get the time
Don't worry about me I'll be fine
Taking my money
Changing my plans
I fell for such a cruel man

But kissing me in the arcade
Me in his arms feeling safe
Holding on to sweet memory
But he always makes a fool of me
Track Name: Magic
Don't stop thinking about me
Don't stop waiting for my call
That is what I'm hoping for

I want to dwell in your fantasy
I want to live in your dreams
I'm looking for Magic

Don't make music without me
Don't play piano at all
Till I'm there standing by you

I want to know how you do it
I want to feel what it is
I'm looking for Magic
Track Name: Head to the Table
Oh once on a winters day
I gave my love away
Wallpapered closet musty room
Next to an old straw broom
Smell of flowers cast aside
Worry of death to come in time
Rhymes of children carved in wood
Dresser drawer closed for good

Will he hear my voice?
Will he hear my voice?
Head to the table

Tear stains on the sofa bed
Where a girl once was led
Candlewax on the kitchen floor
Brings to mind a love no more
Cold draft coming through the storm
Rusted kettle once was warm
Crumbs of bread near to a plate
An empty glass a lover's fate
Track Name: Moonless
Outside it's dusk and we're sitting on the porch steps
What is there to do at such a time
On a moonless night

I grab the keys and we throw ourselves into the front seat
You take the wheel and we fly down the road
On a moonless night

Now we are three 'cause we picked up a friend to ride with us
Our heads outside the car watching stars
On a moonless night

We pass the lake and the only glow comes from our high beams
I look at you as we round the bend
On a moonless night

As we round the bend I look at you
On a moonless night