by Rebecca Jasso

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stephanieee Rebecca is always on point with her singing and fingerstyle. These songs have a timelessness about them that will make you feel, well...magic! Favorite track: Magic.
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Rebecca Jasso's solo ep.


released September 10, 2016

Recording by Rebecca Jasso
Mixing by Daniel Escauriza
Mastering by LANDR



all rights reserved


Rebecca Jasso Chicago, Illinois

Rebecca started playing guitar at the age of 10. Since then, her aim has been to write the best songs she can. She studied classical guitar throughout high school, until she quit formal lessons and began to focus on her original tunes. A visual artist, Rebecca paints pictures with words and plays rhythmic, colorful progressions. ... more


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Track Name: Magic
Don't stop thinking about me
Don't stop waiting for my call
That is what I'm hoping for
I want to dwell in your fantasy
I want to live in your dreams
I'm looking for magic

Don't make music without me
Don't play piano at all
Till I'm there sitting by you
I want to know how you do it
I want to feel what it is
I'm looking for magic
Track Name: The Sun the Storm
Come one lonely
Fall time stories
Little bird calls your name
Pulls off your celophane
Now loose now your locks
Attach to ticking clocks
That undo the rubber bands
That once bound little hands

How quaint the rainy sea
Low clouds in periphery
The cold breath of Santa Claus
Deflates him into what never was

The sun the sun can cheer you up
The storm the great storm has come
To take you up

Wooden wheels spinning lace
Propel you into space
White walls of cumulus
Keep the blues away from us

The sun the sun can cheer you up
The storm the great storm has come
To take you up
Track Name: How Must I Feel
All that I know I lost it a long time ago
All that I am is drifting off into the past
How must I feel how must I feel
This can't be real

As in a dream it's like I am floating downstream
And now I fear my memory isn't so clear
How must I feel how must I feel
This can't be real

I remember when you came and took my hand
And said you would be good to me
Now you treat me cruel and I have been a fool
To sit here and let you do this to me

All of my plans are slipping like grain through my hands
I can't believe there still is a piece left of me
How must I feel how must I feel
This can't be real
Track Name: It's Lovely
The rain that's trickling down makes everything brown and soaked for a while
The wet leaves under my feet the death smelling sweet from the leaf pile
I'd say I'd say it's lovely

The bare grey branches above all spindled and such the desolate road
The fog obscuring my view all colors subdued all dead and alone
I'd say I'd say it's lovely

The raging rustling wind lifting then again pushing the leaves down
The sun forsaking us all to die in the squall or be tossed aroun
I'd say I'd say it's lovely

The clouds that cover the moon reveal a slight view the night's only light
The eeriness in the dark all shadowed and stark eliminates sight
I'd say I'd say it's lovely